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Warby Parker and Internal IT Governance

Warby Parker is an innovative eyewear company that is poised for large revenue growth in the forthcoming years. In order to properly compete, their internal IT systems need to scale along with consumer demand. At this stage, Warby Parker needs a comprehensive plan for IT


The Proxy and Risk Taking

The board of directors of publicly traded firms have historically had one solemn duty: to maximize intrinsic share value and increase shareholder wealth. However, as a result of the egregious risk taking exhibited in the form of sub-prime lending, boards have been placed under increased


5 Things You Didn’t Know About UBER

We all know about Uber and how it started. Uber Technology Inc, an American transportation network company that was launched in March 2009, introduced a new way for people to call a driver by submitting a trip request via a mobile app. That request is then routed to

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What is usability? Why does it matter?

  Background Usability testing refers to the evaluation of a product or service by testing it with actual users. While usability testing can take many forms, the aim is to test how well a product aligns with the intended user goals and needs.    


The social network of the permanent

We commonly view social networks as transient. They’re temporary in the overall scope of our lives. The recent history of the Web is littered with a multitude of sites that have failed and vanished. Friendster and Myspace, among many others, have all met a similar

Kindle for iOS

App Review: Kindle for iOS

If you have an actual Kindle – which you have to have in order for the app to work – I’m not sure exactly why you’d want or need a second, smaller, less-readable version for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Quick link to iTunes Preview

Ethan Marcotte Responsive Web Design

The 3 Best Resources for Responsive Web Design

The term responsive web design is being kicked around the digital world with such fervor these days that is impossible to have professional conversation without it appearing. Frequently, the question pops up “Is this going to be responsive?” and the answer usually is, well, yes