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Monthly Archives: September 2015


3 reasons to use Sketch instead of Photoshop

I have been a practicing designer for around 10 years. Before then, I dabbled in graphic communications courses in high school and completed a Graphic Design degree. Photoshop, for the entire time I have been a professional, has always been the industry leader and the

Why you should never use lorem ipsum.

Lorem ipsum has long been a favorite of designers in publishing and graphic design. It’s easy to implement by simply heading to one of the many online Lorem Ipsum generators, copying a few lines and dropping it into your designs. But is this generally a


Where do I find a technical cofounder?

If you’re a creative person, and by creative I mean not necessarily a person who is engaged in the creative arts, you may from time to time have ideas. These could range from apps to websites to Kickstarter campaigns to fine woodworking, the sky’s the