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3 reasons to use Sketch instead of Photoshop


I have been a practicing designer for around 10 years. Before then, I dabbled in graphic communications courses in high school and completed a Graphic Design degree. Photoshop, for the entire time I have been a professional, has always been the industry leader and the go-to software for web design, photography and graphic design. 

Historically, the limitations to Photoshop centered around the computation power required to run it and the cost, which was expensive. Recently, a new contender has entered the ring called Sketch, which is quickly taking over as user interface and user experience designers switch over to take advantage of it’s intuitive interface and integrations with other highly useful software such as inVision and Flinto.

If you’re a designer hesitant to make the switch over to Sketch what should you do? Try it out. I truly believe that as a professional designer you should try out every piece of software that hits the market. If you’re used to operating complex software, Sketch should be a breeze to figure out. And when you do, even if you don’t use it full-time, you can nevertheless add it to your resume. Bingo!

So why should you use Sketch over Photoshop?

#1: Art boards

Artboards allow you to have multiple canvases on the stage of preset sizes according to browser and device type. For instance, you can easily create an artboard that is the exact size of an iPad (in portrait or landscape) which allows you to start designing instantly for that form factor. 

#2: Integrations

Through the power of InVisionSync you can easily drop your Sketch file into a shared cloud drive, which will automatically update each artboard in InVision. 

If you don’t know about it already, InVision is an absolutely amazing piece of web-based software (lives in the browser) that allows for easy and fast prototyping. In essence, it’s a drag and drop interface for stringing together a series of images via image mapping. But, it becomes much cooler with the ability to add mobile tap and swipe gestures to mimic a full-featured native experience.

Prototyping is an absolutely vital part to any mobile or web development project. If you’re not doing it, you won’t succeed. It’s that simple. 

#3: Cost

The cost of Sketch is a one-time payment of $99, which is a steal when you realize the power and capability of the software. 

Photoshop CC, which stands for Creative Cloud, is $29.99 per month or $239.88 if you prepay the entire year. The main drawback is without a doubt the hassle of recurring payments that extend into perpetuity. However, the price per month for ALL of the apps in the Creative Cloud is $49.99, which may be worth it depending on what you need.

Bonus reason: Copy CSS Attributes

What’s better than right clicking on a button style, selecting “Copy CSS Attributes” and instantly having the CSS code copied to the clipboard. Paste easily into a CSS document and you’re ready to rock.