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5 Things You Didn’t Know About UBER

We all know about Uber and how it started. Uber Technology Inc, an American transportation network company that was launched in March 2009, introduced a new way for people to call a driver by submitting a trip request via a mobile app. That request is then routed to Uber drivers who make use of their car; you don’t have to worry about carrying money in your pocket – just click a button on your mobile phone and you will have a taxi right away.

After you call for a car with your Uber mobile app, Uber carries out the other processes as well. The Uber company is currently available in six continents, 60 countries and in about 300 cities worldwide. The company was estimated to be worth $62.5 billion, as of 2015. The company has also expanded its services. Uber drivers now serve as messengers, a delivery service, and more. Not everybody knows the ins and outs of Uber, because the company constantly adds new features and upgrades. Below is a list of things you didn’t know about Uber.


Things You Didn’t Know 

1.    Cleaning or repair fees will cost you

So you are yakking and hitting the bottle hard in a Uber? Well, it’s probably, going to cost you. If you have been drinking all night and feel like you are sick, Uber isn’t your best bet. Uber drivers are ready to charge you when you cause any damage or mess up their car (After all, the car belongs to them).

If you read the Uber’s User Terms, you will see where it’s clearly stated that riders are responsible for any damage caused to their car that exceeds the normal “wear & tear”. For any cosmetic or physical damage, such as pet accident or vomit, the price ranges from $50 to $200. But the price varies, depending on the extent of the damage you cause. So don’t mess up your drivers car, because it’s not your toilet.

2.    Rating your driver does matter

After your trip, be sure to rate your driver. A rating on Uber is more than a bragging right. After a trip, Uber gives the driver and passenger the opportunity to rate their experience. As a driver, you have to be more careful and not let your rating fall below a 4.6 star rating, because if you have a star rate below the 4.6, you will be “deactivated” or fired by Uber. The same rule applies to a passenger, 4.6 star rating is a kiss of death. When a passenger gets an overall star rate that is below the 4.6 star rate, he or she will be “deactivated” from making use of Uber services.

3.    They do not include tips

An Uber driver receives no tip, just a flat percentage of the fare. If you have had this conversation with an Uber driver, asking if they get a tip. If their answer is no, they are telling you the truth.

Uber only takes 20% percentage of each fare, and doesn’t build tips into its charge. Drivers gets 80% percentage of every fare, so there is no adding of tip in their business model. Uber also discourages tips on its website, with the same thing on its employee handbook. If you would like to tip your Uber, you better bring cash, because the drivers are told not to accept tips from passengers.

4.    You can now track your Uber ride

You can now view where your Uber is on its route with the new Uber mobile app “Share my ETA”. A big thanks to Uber for this great feature they added to their mobile phone app. Worried parents can now rejoice, Uber is safe. You can use “Share my ETA” to track passengers till they reach their final destination.

To do this, the passenger picked up by the driver will have to enter the contact information of those they want to share with, after that, they can then add their destination. Those you added their contact information will receive a message from Uber with link of where they can track the trip. This new tracking feature gives a peace of mind, and shows that Uber is poised to hop on the safety side.

5.    Not just drivers; they are now messengers and a lot more

Uber drivers now do double-duty. They serve as messengers, delivery service and a lot more. If you are not seeing the new features, it means you haven’t updated your Uber mobile app.

Some of these features includes the Uber Eat. With Uber Eat you can now order for a launch delivered right on your door. If you are in the NYC, you can request for a messenger through the UberRush to carry out any simple task, whether pick up dry cleaning, sending a dozen roses across the street, hand-delivering documents etc. You can also keep track of it. Uber does almost anything, there is also the UberAssist designed for those who needs extra assistance.