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App Review: Kindle for iOS

Kindle for iOSIf you have an actual Kindle – which you have to have in order for the app to work – I’m not sure exactly why you’d want or need a second, smaller, less-readable version for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Quick link to iTunes Preview

Maybe you’re down to the last two pages of your novel. You want to finish it up on your commute to work, but you don’t want to be stuck lugging the Kindle around for the entire day. This app is exactly what you need.

Maybe you want to read in bed but you don’t have a nightlight. Your Kindle doesn’t provide backlighting; your iPhone does. Boom. The app is perfect.

Maybe you … uh … well. No, I guess that’s it. These are the only two reasons I can imagine anyone wanting to read using an iPhone rather than their Kindle. (Cheating in lit class, perhaps?) Sure you can change the font size and color of the text, you can order and download new books, you can access your Kindle account, and the app automatically syncs any notes or marks you’ve made in your books so that they’re readable on your phone.

However, the screen is smaller, backlighting actually hinders readability and there’s no instant access to the dictionary for any tough words you come across.

So, you can’t carry your Kindle in your back pocket. So what? From what I can tell, the app is basically just a ploy to promote the purchase and use of the actual Kindle.

“You can read books on your iPhone!” … But, you won’t want to.