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The Proxy and Risk Taking

The board of directors of publicly traded firms have historically had one solemn duty: to maximize intrinsic share value and increase shareholder wealth. However, as a result of the egregious risk taking exhibited in the form of sub-prime lending, boards have been placed under increased


5 Things You Didn’t Know About UBER

We all know about Uber and how it started. Uber Technology Inc, an American transportation network company that was launched in March 2009, introduced a new way for people to call a driver by submitting a trip request via a mobile app. That request is then routed to


The social network of the permanent

We commonly view social networks as transient. They’re temporary in the overall scope of our lives. The recent history of the Web is littered with a multitude of sites that have failed and vanished. Friendster and Myspace, among many others, have all met a similar


The job interview starts when you wake up

Interviewing for a new job can sometimes be an arduous, annoying task. You have to leave work for a period of time, giving you anxiety because your current employer may find out. You spend a significant number of hours researching the company and your potential