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How do I block my IP address in Google Analytics? Stop tracking your own visits for more accurate data.

Google Analytics is an absolute necessity for determining whether your website has traction. When you first build a site and start to write content for it, there’s a natural inclination to see if anyone has visited. If your site is only a few weeks to days old you already know the answer: no one. Why is that? Well, you’re not indexed by Google. Google has no idea who you are or if you’re a credible source. 

But as you generate great content for your site, you’re going to need to know who’s visiting, where they originated, what type of device they are using, and more. The power of analytics is the ability to transform raw data into actionable strategy. For instance, your bounce rate indicates how long users stay on your site before they bail, which could be a factor of site load time. Slower site = higher bounce rate. 

When you’re building a site you naturally visit it many times during the day. This continuous traffic can actually cause erroneous data, because the analytics do not accurately reflect the number of users visiting your site. 

You need to remove all of your traffic (from your IP address) from showing up in Google Analytics. 

How do you do this?


STEP 1) Head to Google Analytics, select your web property and click “All Web Site Data”

STEP 2) Click the Admin link in the top navigation

STEP 3) Select “All Filters” from the left hand column navigation

STEP 4) Click the red “+NEW FILTER” button

STEP 5) Define a filter name, and select the filter type as “Exclude”. Select source or destination as “traffic from the ISP domain”. Select expression as “that are equal to”.  

STEP 6) Open a new tab in Google Chrome and type in “My IP”. The results should display your IP address. Drop your IP address into the “ISP Domain” field. 

STEP 7) Under “Apply Filter to Views” select “All Web Site Data” from the left and click “Add” to add it to the right. 

STEP 8) Hit the blue “Save” button and you’re done! Nice work!